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Skincare- Microcannula Theory

We have artificial machines surrounding us from all sides due to which we don’t have to put our body to anything much as you simply need to press a few buttons and the job is done.

However, it doesn’t mean that manual labor should be completely abandoned as one would become lazy, which won’t bode well for you. But at the same time, you should also take good care of yourself in the process.

Skincare is an important practice that many youngsters follow seriously for good reason because it helps in rejuvenation and the glow remains surrounding the face without any signs of ageing but today we’ll talk about a different aspect of skincare that not many people are aware of.

Brief Up

Skincare is a vast topic with many sub contexts involved where it becomes difficult to know where to begin so it may offend certain folks that are extremely particular about good looks.

Today’s youngsters would go to any extent to get drop dead good looks and have no qualms going under the knife many times even though it would cost them a fortune every time.

Coming back to the topic, Microcannula is a cosmetic option related to skincare that rejuvenates facial features by getting rid of dark skin cells. The cannula is the tube that is inserted into the body.

The fluid in question can be injected or removed through cannula that is highly useful for sample collection that is later lab tested but its sharp tip has to be inserted carefully so that it doesn’t hurt the epidermis.

We have 3 layers of tissues in our skin and they all have to be treated with care so if you’re looking for a drastic change in appearance you might as well give it a try but keep in mind that the results might/might not be what you desire.

Microcannulas is a preferable option for many people that are phobic to sharp needles and are scared to go through the simple process just because they can’t handle a pain from the needle.

Although there are certain needles that are sharp and might hurt more than usual but microcannula doesn’t have any side effects to speak of, which is another reason why most people want to go through the process.

Earlier hypodermic needles were used during injection treatment but ever since microcannula found success due to the injections having a dull end has made it pleasant for use.


The sharp tip of the injection is used by the doctor to enter microcannula into the skin because it is impossible for it to penetrate the upper layers on its own. The location of the insertion is very little and causes a tinge of pain to the person without any bleeding.

The opening allows the doctor to insert microcannula immediately so that it glides under the skin and easily reach the injection fillers.

Microcannula then enters into the deeper layers through which tissues are connected and starts taking effect with no injury marks to worry about or any sort of pain.