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Is Coolsculpting Effective For Thighs? An Insight

Everyone has a different body type. But everyone wants to attain the ideal body shape. The lazier you get, the more weight you put on. This will take you farther from your ideal body shape.

Fat is stored in our body in different parts. The most common areas are the belly, thighs, chin, and hips. No matter how hard we exercise, we fail to get rid of the stubborn fat. Almost all of us have thigh fat, and burning that can be difficult.

Now, you can take medical help to get rid of your thigh fats. Among all other procedures, coolsculpting on thighs has gained immense popularity over the past years. Losing thigh fat using this method is the safer and more effective way to go. No anesthesia or surgery is involved in coolsculpting. With all the advanced equipment, it is painless, and can reduce 40% of your fat in just one session. Before opting for this treatment, you should understand the whole process and its effectiveness.

Below, some of the significant facts regarding coolsculpting will be discussed, which will help you understand its effectiveness and benefits.

Coolsculpting on thighs: What, Why, and How

Coolsculpting uses cool temperature on your thighs to kill the fatty cells. It freezes the fat layer that lies just below our skin. This layer of fat cannot tolerate this coldness, and the cells get destroyed. Once the fat cells are dead, fat cannot be stored in these cells in the future.

Using coolsculpting to get rid of thigh fat is the easiest way. It is a non-invasive process. Burning thigh fat naturally can take years. Sometimes, even after hours of work out, you fail to burn some stubborn fat. Coolsculpting will save your time and energy and give you effective results.

During this treatment, a pad and applicator will be placed on your thigh. It will slim down thighs within 35 minutes. Sometimes, it will be moved to create some suction. After the treatment, the doctor will massage the area well. This will activate your blood circulation again. Upon completion of your treatment, you can resume your usual routine.

Your body will remove the treated cells naturally. Treating each thigh may take 35 minutes, and it will reduce 30% to 40% of your stubborn fat.

When can we see the visible effects of this treatment?

If you think you will come out of the clinic after the treatment with an ideal body shape, you are wrong. Coolsculpting does not give any immediate effect. After the treatment, your body will metabolize the treated fat and flush it out gradually. The flushing out process takes six months.

Any visible effect will be seen only after one month. After three months, you will see major changes. Meanwhile, you must exercise and eat healthy so that you do not put on weight. If you go back to your unhealthy lifestyle, coolsculpting will be a waste of money and time.

How many sessions are needed for an effective result?

The number of sessions mainly depends on the area that needs to be treated and your health. If you want to freeze the fat of a small portion, for example, your chin, one or hardly two sessions will be enough for you. But when you want to reduce your belly fat, you will need more sessions. Each session will last approximately one hour.

What results can we expect from coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is not a fat reduction tool, we must remember that. It will only give the finishing touch to your journey towards getting in shape. So, always set realistic expectations from this treatment. You must be closer to your ideal shape for this treatment to work. It will only treat the fat which is lying under your skin.

So, after the treatment, you will not have any loose skin. Coolsculpting is not an alternative to a good diet and exercise; it is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. After getting the treatment, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay in shape.

Are there any serious risks involved?

No, coolsculpting is an FDA approved fat reduction treatment. There are no severe health issues. Before you opt for the treatment, you must consult your physician. During the process, you may feel numbness and sensitivity due to the cold temperature. After coolsculpting, patients may feel minor swelling, redness, pain, and itching.

But, all of these are natural, and will heal naturally after two or three days. Moreover, no surgery or anesthesia is needed for this treatment.


Coolsculpting has been very effective for numerous patients. They have successfully got rid of their thigh fat after a few sessions. If you have a busy life, it will be the best option for you. So consult the best dermatologist and get your thighs coolsculpting done.