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Get Big Muscles By Training Alone With High Intensity Bodybuilding

Many trainees, or those looking to get big muscles and who have realised the best way to do this is with high intensity bodybuilding, often wonder if you can get big muscles by training alone and I have to say yes. This is, for me the preferred way to train.

I have paid my dues in Gyms over the years and for me they were far from ideal. Sure, there are more machines and lots of lovely members of the opposite sex (or the same) to look at but a lot of time is wasted. I love bodybuilding and after my extended lay off I can’t tell you the pleasure I now have again with the feel of a gnurled bar of steel in my hands and the deep soreness that comes after a set of trap bar deadlifts.

For me, although I love it, I want to get the job done and be about my business. Training in a gym for me was simply a time sink. Travelling there and back was only part of it. To get a good conditioning as well as big muscles you need to limit the time between sets and in a gym you can guarantee that more often than not you have to hang around waiting to use equipment. Either that or someone will interrupt you mid set or between sets to put you off your game.

For the price of a years membership to a gym, or less, you can get all the equipment you need to weight train at home. Equipment for weight training at home can be purchased very cheaply and for birthdays or Christmas then a set of barbells and weights can be requested to keep the price down if it is an issue.

Training alone is not without its problems though. For a start there are safety concerns. This is why I always recommend a cheap trap bar. You can then do heavy leg work in total safety and also get those massive traps that mark you out as a bodybuilder. Forced reps and the like are also more difficult although it is easy to go past failure when bodybuilding with a few tips and tricks such as cheating the bar up, which is very effective after going to positive failure.

There is also the fact that you cannot discuss methods with other bodybuilders, but personally I don’t see this as a bad thing. Most of what they have to say will be crap anyway and do nothing but confuse you. To know how to train properly all you need are the two books I recommend to the right and that is it. Much advice given out by others will do nothing but confuse or put you off what was already working.

Get yourself a cheap barbell and weights set, a trap bar and a bench and a power rack if you possibly can and you are all set.

If you do not have the money then I recommend that you get a weights set to start. Even without a bench you can perform dips between chairs or any right angles like kitchen counters and get just as big a chest. You just have to improvise if funds are tight. Get a chin up bar that you put between a doorway. You can then get a massive back without the need for much in the way of fancy equipment. Here you go, just looked on Amazon, less than 15 bucks. Click the image to take a look. A cheap chin up bar like that is a godsend for trainees without a power rack. You can gradually work up to a few sets and when you are strong enough just tie a few weights around your waist and get HUGE.

Is It Better To Train At Home Bodybuilding?

For me it is. All of us are different though. The one thing I will say is that if you just want to get down to business and train then you should get your own gear. You can get a cheap weights set for very little and this is invaluable if you are serious are getting big muscles and getting them fast. You can then train when you like and at the pace that suits you best. You can also simply go do a few sets as and when you feel like it.

You can’t do that if you have to go to the gym. Without doubt I would say get your own weights set for sale from the sidebar or from a local ad in the paper and get to it. Home weight training is especially important for those who may feel a little intimidated by going to a gym. If you are self conscious about your body then training at home means that you can bulk up without worrying what others think, although you really should take the attitude that anyone who looks down on you for whatever reason is a loser so their opinion does not count anyway.

Go get a weights set and start piling on the pounds and you will be glad that you just got on with it. The sooner you start high intensity bodybuilding the sooner you will totally transform your body to that of a strong and well muscled dude or dudess