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6 Botox And Dermal Filler Myths You Must Get An Answer To

Everyone loves to look young and healthy. A good diet, proper skincare routine, and plenty of water are required for healthy skin. Sometimes, we take medical help to make our appearance better. Botox and dermal fillers are very popular nonsurgical procedures that can make you look younger.

But, nothing comes without controversy. Many myths and rumors surround these cosmetic treatments. Here, the six myths are explained.

Myth 1: You get immediate and permanent results

If you think Botox and filler will give you immediate and permanent results, you are wrong. The results are visible after 2 to 3 days, and to see the complete result, you have to wait for seven days. Botox and fillers make your muscles relaxed and prevent their movements.

Thus, your skin stops aging. In some cases, two to three injections are required to see the complete result. The effect will stay for 4 to 6 months. After that, you need to take more injections.

Myth 2: It is only for women, and anyone can inject it

Botox and fillers can be helpful to both men and women, and it must be done by a qualified healthcare professional. Everyone wants to have wrinkle-free skin. So, if you think these treatments are only for women, you are wrong. Thankfully, now men are opening their minds to different cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Botox and fillers will soften their fine lines and wrinkles temporarily.

Men have tougher face muscles, so they need more Botox. An experienced doctor must perform all the sessions for a safe and risk-free result. Ethos Spa is known to have some very qualified professionals who are very experienced when it comes to Botox treatment.

Myth 3: It is unsafe and affects your expression

Most people think Botox and dermal fillers are unsafe and have many side-effects. Botox is derived from a toxin that is associated with food poisoning. But the toxin level that is being injected is very low, so it is not really considered a toxin. And the myth about its side-effects includes the frozen look trauma. Most of us think the fillers will overfill our faces, and we will fail to make facial movements. As a result, we will become an expressionless creature. But, this is also not true. When you use Botox or dermal fillers, it will make your skin young without overfilling it.

Myth 4: You can use Botox and fillers only when fine lines appear

Another myth about Botox and fillers is, we can use them only after fine lines appear. But why should we wait for the fine lines when we can use them as a preventive measure. Once the fine lines and wrinkles appear, getting away with them becomes tougher. So, you can use these treatments before the appearance of fine lines and stay young for a long time.

Also, when you take Botox, your muscles will get trained to avoid certain expressions. Such expressions tend to create fast wrinkles and fine lines. So, avoiding those will be helpful.

Myth 5: It only treats wrinkles, and after plastic surgery, it becomes ineffective

Botox and dermal fillers are only for wrinkles is another myth we believe. It can be used for many other purposes. They also lift eyebrows, soften jawlines, treat dimples, and raise saggy skin. Botox effectively reduces excessive sweating, hyperactive bladder, migraines, cold hands, and neck pain. Apart from these, it can also improve your mental health and eye conditions. They can be used on different parts of the body.

If you are wondering whether Botox can help you after plastic surgery, the answer is yes. Plastic surgery effectively makes your skin young, but your skin still ages. Botox and dermal filler stop this aging process. So, that Botox is useless after plastic surgery is also a myth.

Myth 6: If you stop this treatment, your wrinkles will become worse

Some people avoid Botox and fillers because they think their skin will become worse after they stop this treatment. But that is not true. When you stop this treatment, your skin will become wrinkly like before, nothing more than that.

After six months, your fine lines will start appearing, and your facial muscles will start their natural movement. So, your skin will age naturally. Stopping Botox or filler treatment can never make you age faster.


Everything good has some side-effects, and it is up to the individual whether they are willing to take the risk. Botox and dermal fillers may have some side-effects, but most of those are myths. Before opting for any treatment, you must clear your doubts about them.

This blog may help you to understand the reality behind those myths. Only after understanding the whole story, should you make your decision. If you are still confused, you can consult a good dermatologist. They possess enough experience in this field, and they will be able to guide you rightly. So, take the expert’s help and make the right decision.