6 Affordable Summer Date Night Ideas

We all know how important date nights are to a couple’s relationship. Whether you are dating or married, every couple needs to spend time nourishing and growing their relationship in order to stay connected and on the same page.

It’s especially important when you have kids. We are pretty good about doing a weekly date night, but we are typically pretty boring and just go out to dinner. Every now and then we get crazy and go see a movie.

My husband and I decided to make a list of date night activities to do for the next few weeks that are a little bit different, but that are still affordable. Here’s a list of six that we came up with.

1) Go Play at the Park

Sometimes it’s fun to act like a kid and just let go and have a little fun. Head to the park one day (early in the morning or later in the afternoon might be the least crowded!) and have a little fun swinging, sliding and climbing. Race each other down the slide. See who can swing the highest. Toss your pride out the window and just enjoy the wind in your face.

2) Have a Movie Night… Outside.

Move your television outside to the backyard (if you can) or just bring your laptop. Put on a romantic comedy and snuggle under a blanket together beneath the stars. Get extra date night points for starting a bonfire and making s’mores together.

3) Visit the Farmer’s Market

Most cities have a local farmer’s market and if you’ve never been, you are missing out. Rise and shine early one weekend and enjoy seeing all the local produce, flowers and crafts that your city creates. See who can find the most unusual food or the brightest colored flower.

4) Feed the Ducks

Grab a loaf of bread and head to a local lake to feed the ducks. Take turns tearing off pieces of bread to share and enjoy watching the ducks eat as fast as they can.

5) Head to the Local Toy Store

Visit a toy store one night and reminisce about your favorite toys growing up. Take turns sharing memories and playing… just don’t get in trouble for being too loud! Buy a puzzle on the way out and put it together at home.

6) Make a Dessert Bar

One thing on our list is to make a banana split dessert bar. Start with ice cream and add any toppings that you desire. The more toppings, the better. Eat over candlelight together. You could also do a cheesecake bar or a yogurt bar. The options are unlimited.

I hope that some of these ideas have sparked a little creativity in y’all. It’s fun doing new/different things together. I’m excited to start crossing off date nights on our list. You can always do a Google search for more cheap date ideas. The internet is like a bottomless pit of information. Use it.